Q: Isn't online baking coaching less effective than in-person classes?
A: Our proven system on virtual guidance outperforms in-person sessions for skill-building. it is also less costly and more convenient. You can review our students results.

Q: Will I really be able to decorate cakes like a professional?
A: Our system is designed to elevate your decorating skills expertly. You will have access to our community of bakers as well. We have many successful case studies and we guarantee results.

Q: What if I don't feel confident in my baking after the class?
A: Our coaching ensures you'll bake with confidence, or we'll assist further. We won't stop until you do.

Q: What if I don't have all the equipment or ingredients?
A: While you need to purchase the basic equipments from Amazon,  We'll teach you to create wonders with whatever you have at home.

Watch Your FREE Cake Decorating Tutorial Here- Meet Your Coach & Cake Artist

Tannaz is the Cake Artist and founder of Milkywaypastry. Her infamous Cakes has served numerous people and celebrities across Vancouver. She has coached and helped over 220 students online the art of Baking and Cake Decorations.

Read some of her students results below:

student creations : Fatemeh

This is my first time and I can’t believe that I did it !
I'm so glad to make a birthday cake for my family and friends. Thank you Tan 😍

Student Creation: Paula

First time I use (and make) buttercream😊. I am not sureI have ever tasted it before too🤔. I have never made it because I thought I wouldn't like the taste, but I actually loved it! It's a great recipe(for the cake, buttercream and whipped cream).Thank you, Milkywaypastry

  • Coaching Facetime

    One-on-One Baking Consultation - personalized video calls to answer your baking questions

  • Library of Videos

    Access to numerous videos from beginner to advance cake baking and decorating skills

  • Library of Recipes

    Exclusive Recipe eBook - Access unique recipes to inspire creativity and expand your baking repertoire.

  • Bakers Community

    VIP Baking Community Access - Join a supportive network and exchange tips with fellow baking enthusiasts.

  • Fun Educator/Family Time

    Transform your kitchen into a bonding arena, share the joy of baking with loved ones. Instill the love of baking in your children-learning, laughing and creating sweet memories together.

  • Personal Achievement

    Experience the pride of baking from scratch with our professional-grade online guidance creating unforgettable moments.

  • Budget Optimizer

    Save on confectionery expenses, create premium desserts economically at home with our cost-effective baking brilliance.

  • Gift Giver

    Become the ultimate gift giver, surprising friends with personalized cakes created with our standout baking wisdom.

  • Stress Eliminator

    Replace the chaos of everyday life with the serenity of baking; let us guide you to peace, one cake at a time.