DailyHive on Milkyway Pastry: Vancouver dessert shop offers custom cakes in 24 hours

DailyHive on Milkyway Pastry: Vancouver dessert shop offers custom cakes in 24 hours

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Milkyway Pastry: Vancouver dessert shop offers custom cakes in 24 hours


Have you ever found yourself in the position of completely spacing on ordering the cake for that big special event, only to find it’s happening tomorrow and it’s too late to get anything other than sad, generic supermarket sponge cake?

Okay, well, even if you haven’t, the option of being able to order a fully customized cake with only 24 hours’ notice is pretty bonkers (in an incredible way) to us, so when we heard about a dessert shop offering this service, we had to look into it.

Milkyway Pastry bills itself as the only cake factory in Vancouver to offer customized cakes in 24 hours, a pledge that is particularly intriguing for those of us who leave things to the last minute.

The cake factory operates out of a space at 417 Industrial Avenue, the same commissary space shared by Beta5 Chocolates, Hoochy Booch Kombucha, The Stubborn Baker, Disco Biscuits Donuts, and Carnitas Don Jose.

Using fresh and local ingredients and crafted with detailed, highly skilled designs, these cakes are as stunning as they are delicious.

You can choose from a variety of pre-designed cakes (including a sweet babymoon cake with fondant stars and a crescent moon, or the paint-splattered cake aptly named “The Artist”), or you can opt to fill out a form on Milkyway’s website for a more personalized cake. The bakery even packages its creations in pretty little boxes, making the presentation just as important as the cake’s design.

The same-day custom cake option is available in either a six-inch or eight-inch size with several different style, flavour, and colour options, including vanilla sponge with strawberry filling and chocolate with chocolate whipped cream filling. The colour availability ranges from lavender to forest green to hot pink.

For this option, you can also customize what is written on the cake, and while you can’t add other details like flowers or intricate piping, there are at least a hundred different variations to pick from. Once it’s ready, you can pick it up at the cake factory in East Vancouver.In addition to its full-sized cakes, Milkyway makes cake jars (perfect for when you’re craving a cake but don’t want to buy an entire one for yourself), cupcakes, and will even provide helium balloons for your special occasions.

Since this bakery doesn’t have its own storefront, it’s remained somewhat off the radar, but is definitely worth checking out next time you’re looking for a quality designed cake – whether it’s for a special occasion or just a Thursday afternoon.

Milkyway Pastry

Address: 417 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver

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